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E-CIG products today has evolved quite rapidly with a variety of pricing models and variants. The new E-CIG customers are often hit in determining the choice with so many different options.
Said Vapor continue to work hard to find and try various brands and choose to distribute some of the E-CIG products that are considered to provide the best experience in using e-cig is.

We strive to provide variants, both automatic and manual models of products this e-cig and all the accessories and spare parts that may be required. So that we can comfortably make the choice and start enjoying the way of life more beautiful and better.

Why should Said Vapor?
 We do not sell the E-CIG-which we have not tried it myself. Besides some of the best models, are also some classical models are appropriate also collected and also some models for the complete beginner and probably just want to try. Please specify your choice.

 We always try to do same day delivery when orders we receive.

We will try to describe as accurately as possible about the details, who the producers and the possibility of long usage.

We are committed to not sell products containing nicotine to minors. If we have to ask to attach ID or Identification, forgive us because it is supposed to do.

We will continue to listen, seek and obtain the desired products with the assumption that demand is more than enough (some manufacturers set a very high MOQ), but as though in a very small amount, variety of products to choose will always be our add.

We were assured once again, that we will not share your personal data held by us.

Finally, happy to pick and choose the option and start better living and more beautiful with Personal vaporizer.

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03 Januari 2013
We will just process transaction above US$ 15, exclude shipping cost.
16 Juli 2012

18 September 2014
One Word for SaidVapor, "Excellent!!"

16 September 2014
Fast Delivered,packaging rapih bgt.
recomended seller.
thx saidvapor.
see u nest order :)

Hengky Gabriel
12 September 2014
Pesan perdana di Saidvapor sgt memuaskan, sebagai newbie banyak bertanya namun tetap dilayani dengan baik. Pengirimannnya cepat sampai, packagingnya bagus dan aman. Plus bonus gantungan kunci(flashlight)...Recommended Seller dah!

02 September 2014
Enggak pernah kecewa dengan pelayanan Said Vapor, selalu memberikan yang terbaik.

Sukses terus ya bos untuk toko onlinenya :)

01 September 2014
pokoknya five star for saidvapor

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